Department of Philosophy


As one of the earliest departments of philosophy in Chinese universities, the Department of Philosophy of Tsinghua University was established in 1926, the modern philosophical masters such as Jin Yuelin, Feng Youlan, Zhang Shenfu, Den Yizge, He Lin, Shen Youding, Lin Zaiping, Pan Huaisu, Zhang Dainian, and Zhou Fucheng were appointed as professors from then and formed the "School of Tsinghua Philosophy" with original thinking style. In 1952, the government began to adjust the system of universities, all the faculty members had to join into Peking University. It was not until 2000 that the Department of Philosophy at Tsinghua University was formally reestablished.

The Department began to enroll undergraduate students and qualified to confer doctoral and master's degree in all eight areas of philosophy, including Marxist philosophy, Chinese philosophy, Foreign philosophy, Ethics, Logic, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Religion and Politics. The post-doctoral program was built too in the Department.

From the time of reconstruction, the Department began to welcome professors and researchers of philosophy from China and abroad,gradually form a body of research and teaching members with high level and strong influence in China. At present, there are twenty-two faculty members in the Department, including seventeen professors and five associate professors. The department invited many famous scholars in China and abroad as co-operative professors or research fellow. All of the faculty members are leading scholars of many areas in China including Chinese philosophy, Foreign philosophy, Ethics, Logic, Aesthetics, Cultural Philosophy and cultural critics, Philosophy of Politics and Marxist texts study.

The Department has published three series of books named the "3+1 academic project"(Tsinghua Philosophical Study Series,Tsinghua Philosophical Textbook Series,Tsinghua Philosophical Classics-Translation Series, andthe Tsinghua Philosophical Almanac). The philosophical studies in Tsinghua, with priority in Ethics, Western Philosophy and Chinese Philosophy, has published many important works and well-known in China and abroad. From now on, the Department of Philosophy at Tsinghua University will stress on strengthening and extending obtained discipline advantages and maintaining original thinking, so as to establish the department as a frontier of new thought, that is, a homeland for creating and propagating new thought.

Currently, Professor Huang Yusheng is chair of the Department, Professor Tang Wenming and Associate Professor Sheng Kai are vice chairs.

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