In the past five years, SH has made significant achievements in research.
Research Team
In order to advance its programs in the humanities and social sciences, SH has recruited many leading scholars. Currently, there are about 180 faculty members involved in research, including about 150 associate professors and full professors, and many adjacent professors and guest professors and professors from abroad.
Research Projects
In recent years, the School has completed more than 400 research projects, most of which are national projects, and projects funded by the Ministry of Education or the municipal government of Beijing. There are currently more than 200 research projects being undertaken. Through these research projects the School has made important contributions to the development of the economy, society and culture of the nation.
SH has won many awards for its achievements. These research projects have brought over 200 awards to the School. In the past 10 years its faculty members have published over 3000 research papers and 600 books, and have been praised for excellent achievements in research among humanities programs across the university.
Research Institutions and Key Research Bases
In addition to the research institutions in different fields, SH has also set up interdisciplinary research institutions, such as Center for Asian Studies Research Center for Linguistics; Beijing Branch of Confucius Institute for Business, London; Center for Unearthed Research and Protection, Tsinghua University; Academy of Chinese Learning, Tsinghua University; Research Center for Linguistics;Center for Ethics and Religious Studies; Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, Tsinghua University; Joint Institute for China-Russia Strategic Cooperation, Tsinghua University (ICRSC); Centre for the Study of Classical LIterature; Research Center for Chinese Ritua,Tsinghua University; nstitute of International Sinology; Centre for the Studies of European and American Literatures (CSEAL); Centre for the Study of Chinese Calligraphy and Culture; Sino-Russian Culture Exchange Center, and so on. Center for Liberal Education of Tsinghua University is housed in SH.