The department of the history of science

The department of the history of science at Tsinghua University was founded on May 16th, 2017. It belongs to School of Humanities with Professor Guosheng Wu as its first department chair.
The department plans to advance the history of science study at Tsinghua University in four major fields——History of Western Science and Technology,  History of Modern Chinese Science and Technology, Philosophy of Science and Technology, Science Communication and Science Museum Study. Professionals in the field of history of science and technology will be trained on undergraduate, master and Ph.D. levels.
The department plays an active role in the liberal arts education enterprise at Tsinghua University. It devotes itself to training academic élites with interdisciplinary visions and synthetic development potentials.
Moreover, the department will be in full charge of the construction and management of Science Museum at Tsinghua University. The museum will also serve as an academic platform for the development of interdisciplinary subjects at Tsinghua University.